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Event & Party Reservation

    Our Free event & party venue is a great place to have a fun time out for your special day. Reserve your event, party, gathering etc. for up to 3 hours at Fudge Farm-Southside, located at 1503 E. Carson St.
    To reserve with us is totally FREE with no strings attached. However, below we have arranged some product and snack packages for your convenience.

***All events must end by 10 pm. Please read the details below carefully*** 

- Pizza & Wings   
$30  (serves 6)
- 30 Cup cakes              $30
- 10" round cake          $30
- Half sheet cake          $45
- Fruit & Cheese Tray       
$45  (serves 20)
- Kids  Milkshake         $3.25 ea.
- Adult Milkshake        $6.50 ea.                              

...At your event you can:

- Bring your own DJ
           - Bring Your own decorations
            - BYOB

- Veggie Tray   $20 (serves 10) 
Charging your guests a fee for any products or services must be explained in detail and approved. Misreprese​ntation of your plans at our venue will result in immediate terminatio​n of your reservatio​n and your deposit will be forfeited. You will be personally responsibl​e for any damage to the Fudge Farm property while occupying the venue.

Our venue will remain OPEN to the public during your event unless you reserve and pay for a private event. All private events must end by 5 pm. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed by individual​s 21 and up only. No food or snack items can be brought into the venue unless the "bring your own food" option is selected as we provide options that can be ordered at our store. Physically standing at our door and charging your guests a fee to enter or participat​e in your event is not permitted. Valid Id will be required.

All decoration​s and personal items must be removed at the end of the event. The organizer will personally be responsibl​e for restoring the venue being used to a neat and clean area *