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Trade Shows!

Interested in becoming a trade show operator? The Fudge Farm by: GoodyHouse has an excellent program!

GoodyHouse operators enjoy the fun, interesting & highly profitable position of OWNING their own independent Trade - Show business. We offer phenomenal support ranging from... 

  • Initial set-up assistance
  • Operating instructions
  • Product logistics to increase margins & reduce shrinkage
  • A reputable company in good standings with an honest background 
We conduct a wide variety of trade Shows - from local craft show events to large convention center venues drawing hundreds of thousands of consumers. We currently manage Shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Philidelphia, New York & Connecticut with destinations expanding to cities across the United states in the near future.

  • Major Hospital fundraiser shows
  • Corporate & Office building shows
  • Mall Kiosks
  • Home Shows
  • County Fairs
  • Parades
  • Festivals
  • Auto Shows
  • Boat Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Craft Shows

...and several other locations that draw large crowds to drive sales. Set up & fees for these events are usually 20% or less of gross sales while net profits run as high as 60% 

Quick Facts!

Quick Facts:
Our Trade-Show operators enjoy...

  • High profit margins
  • Some of the lowest wholesale cost for comparable quality gourmet chocolate products in the industry.
  • Easy, Reliable & "on Time" ordering process via our website. Head-turning set up displays
We extend you the invitation to join this exciting company and build a career in sales with us. We are one of the fastest growing gourmet chocolate companies out of the Pittsburgh region with consistent progress in terms of expanding and gaining customer loyalty.

For more information please email us at:
[email protected]

Also, visit us on facebook to view more from GoodyHouse and our upcoming events.